Roof Certification

A Florida Roof Certification is usually requested by insurance companies upon application or renewal of your homeowner’s insurance policy, especially if the information they have indicates that your roof is approaching the end of its lifespan.

Roof systems usually deteriorate from normal wear and tear, faulty design, or as a result of the severe weather conditions experienced in Florida. A certified residential roof inspector can usually detect these problems and alert you to any necessary repairs. The main purpose of a roof inspection is to determine whether the roof is performing optimally, identify signs of deterioration and weakness, and make necessary recommendations for repairs.

In order to receive a perfect Roof Certification for insurance:

  • The roof must be in good condition, with no evident signs of leaks. We will inspect the critical assembly points (e.g. curbed openings left open for the HVAC system, and electrical and plumbing lines where water usually penetrates the roof).
  • Shingles that are more 25 years old must also be replaced.

However, there are exceptions if a certified roof inspector acknowledges that the roof has more than 3 years of useful life left.

Since roof leaks usually occur gradually, finding them early, before they can cause further damage, is extremely important. The professionals of Coastal Inspections will inspect for potential causes of roof failure, as well as make recommendations for proper corrective actions.